Monday, October 15, 2007

Settle Burial Records

The ancient town of Settle is the market town for Giggleswick. It is where, in all likelihood, Giggleswickians went to shop and sell their wares. The town is still beautiful and I loved visiting.
One side of the River Ribble is Giggleswick and the other is Settle. There is even a sign which shows the boundary line. (See Above, taken this past May.)

While in England, I had the great fortune of finding a printed edition of the Settle Churchyard Burial records published by the Settle Parochial Church Council in 2001. The North Riding County Record Office in Northallerton has no burial records at all for this church.
The Family History Library Catalog has Bishops' Transcripts for some burials, but not all. The NYCRO workers had never heard of this town and weren't familiar with the records.
Through a turn of events, I was able to get a copy of this book.
It is only covering burials starting in 1838 but covers until the year 2000. It is a small churchyard. But what a prize to have probably the only copy of these burial records in the entire United States! Only a limited number were ever printed. If you're interested in a copy, contact me and I will give you the contact information for the man who put them together. He asks only for a donation to the church. And, since these records are not available elsewhere, a generous donation is preferred!
When I begin my Giggleswick research of the town, I will use this valuable (sentimental, not monetary) resource.
Now I just need to get my hands on the Lune-Ribblesdale Parish indexes created by the NYCRO which covers Giggleswick... Hmmm...


rados said...

I have the Parish Registers of Giggleswick,
1558 - 1669,
1669 - 1769,
1770 - 1837

Kaye Sowden said...

I would love info about the Farraday family. James born 1825 was an ancestor. Do you know if any where buried in the area. He gives as his place of birth settle, Clapham and I have found a christening in Giggleswick.

Any help appreciated

The Johnsonnest said...

I would love to obtain a copy of the Giggleswick records to which you refer- what a find! Please can you provide me with the info for the man who put these together so that I can contact him? You can email me at johnsonnest at! With thanks, Sarah