Sunday, August 10, 2008

More Morphets...

Recently, I began working on a project again regarding an illegitimate Morphet's descendants in Giggleswick.

John Morphet was born in Horton in Ribblesdale in 1802, the son of Ann Morphet. Through a lot of work, I was able to determine which of the four living Ann Morphets at the time was his mother. (All were first cousins born within a few years of each other.)

His mother was the daughter of Edmund Morphet and Elizabeth Wilson.

He married Mary Bentley in 1823 in Horton in Ribblesdale and at this point, I have found eleven children for him...

Yesterday I pieced together his son Joseph's family:

Joseph was christened on the 26th of November 1826 in Clapham, Yorkshire, England the son of John Morphet and Mary Bentley. He married Jane Knowles on the 23 September 1848 in Giggleswick, the daughter of John Knowles and Jane Guyer, who was christened in Giggleswick on 18 December 1825.

They had three children:

John Morphet, c. 25 December 1848 in Giggleswick who married Alice Cockshott on the 24th of April 1869 in Giggleswick.

Mary Jane Morphet, c. 9 Jun 1851 in Giggleswick who married Patrick Cox about June 1876 in the Settle Registration District.

William Morphet, c. 13 August 1865 in Giggleswick who married about March 1896 to Caroline Farrow.

Joseph's brother Bartholomew is also a family I have worked on... He was christened on the 4th of June 1825 in Clapham and moved up to Cumberland and Westmorland... where he married Elizabeth Furness and had four known children, but possibly more. He always stayed in Cumberland. To an inexperienced researcher, they might not realize that he is in fact the same Bartholomew as the one in Clapham.

Also, I have been locating several illegitimate Morphets in Giggleswick post 1849... I think I'm up to a total of 6. I am not always sure WHO the mothers are, but I have figured out who two of the mothers were for a total of three children. Two of them were sisters of Bartholomew and Joseph.

I will post more information about them as I learn more!

If anyone is interested in more information on these people or knows something additional to add, please let me know!

Also, if anyone is looking for help in tracing their Giggleswick ancestry, please contact me. For quick questions, I can always answer them... for more in-depth research, my rates will be discounted for any Giggleswickian.


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