Monday, March 31, 2008

Langcliffe Church Records

I am trying to locate the original Parish registers for the Langcliffe Chapelry. They are not located in Northallerton, as they are supposed to be... I have an address and phone number for the church. I planned on contacting them to see if I could find the records through them.

Before I do that, is there someone who knows of their location?

I'm very much interesting in indexing these records IF I can get digital images (or photocopies) ... If anyone is familiar with this church or knows the location of these documents, PLEASE let me know.

If the church is interested in getting me copies, I will gladly make a searchable database for them. Free of charge.

My family lived in Langcliffe and I know those records would be invaluable to me.

BTW, I know that 17 years of the Bishop's Transcripts for this church exist. I am looking for more than just those 17 years!

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