Thursday, February 21, 2008

CARRS breakthrough!

For those who do not know, Giggleswick is a Dade parish. For the period of the 1780's-1812, the Parish registers include grandfathers' names and residences for each child christened in the Parish. Ages are usually provided at death, and many times occupations and parentage.

The Carr surname is extremely common in the Giggleswick area, extending back into the 1500's.

I knew my ancestor James Carr was born abt. 1811 in Giggleswick. I had found his christening ages ago but due to a computer crash, I lost it. I located it again... this is what it said:

April 7th 1811.
Jas. son of Thos. Carr of Settle son of Wm. Carr by Agnes his wife daughter of Richd Curran of Bolton

He had six other siblings born in the parish: Richard, John, Robert, Chrissy, Elisabeth and Anthony. His parents, Thomas Carr and Agnes Curran were married 16 June 1791 in Giggleswick.

Previous christenings for his siblings gave his grandfather Richard Curran's name as both William and Richard and his place of residence ranged from Bolton to Bolton by Sands to Bolton Le Sands. I checked online Parish Registers for Bolton Le Sands (about 20 Miles from Giggleswick along the coast in northern Lancashire) and located Agnes Curran's christening. Her parents were Richard Curran and Jane Borrow.

Thomas and William are pretty common names for the Carr family, especially Thomas. I was a little dismayed his name wasn't Oliver or Theodore as that would have been much easier to trace.

However, after checking other registers I located two men who also had a father named William Carr in Settle during their childrens' christenings.

Anthony Carr who married 15 June 1774 in Giggleswick to Elizabeth Marsden, daughter of George Marsden. And also Richard Carr who married Allison Houghton in June 1789.

Rather than look just for a Thomas who is the son of William, I now had two brothers to search for. I believe, actually that Thomas and Richard must be the younger siblings in the family as they were married many years after Anthony.

I have been going through the Dade parishes to see any other children of William Carr from Settle but I have yet to discover any.

If anyone is familiar with the Carr genealogy of Giggleswick-Settle, please contact me!

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