Thursday, December 15, 2011

Carr Ebay Auction

Does anyone know about this?

Evidently 11 years ago there was an Ebay Auction about this family collection. Does anyone know where it is? I believe that this William Carr of Settle is my ancestor and I'd love to see the probates and other documents.

Mentioned here:

Offered is a large archive of documents and letters, mostly from
villages in Yorkshire and most connected with the Carr Family, a
father and son who were surgeons. Most of the documents date in the
first half of the 19th century, with 1606 being the earliest and
about 1885 the latest. Other families mentioned include: Barber,
Blackburn, Burnley, Ingham, Whitaker, Smith, Ellis, Nussey, Rhodes,
Charlesworth, Abbatson. A good number of the items are related to
the education of boys and their relationship with their parents. The
letters contain well written personal accounts. Suitability of a
bride is discussed in an 1761 letter. The collection includes
personal and business letters, legal documents, indentures, and lots
more. Two large 13X16 inch sheets detailing Carr family genealogy
from the 15th century to the later 19 century are included. Here’s a
list of the items: 1)Handwritten indenture dated 1606 between Thomas
and Charles Abbatson of Yorshire. 2) 1712 Indenture between John
Carr of Giggleswick and his father Thomas Carr. 3) 1797 Will of
Ann Ellis of Dewsbury. 4) Marriage Settlement dated 1801 between
Margaret Welch, widow of Wiltshire, and Joshua Ingham of Mirfield.
5). Indenture dated 1808 between Shechaniah Rhodes and Martin
Charlesworth both of Little Gomersal, Yorkshire. Details a land
dispute over Low Croft and Wright’s Croft. Other names mention are
Richard Ramsden, Isaac Brown, and William Carr. It is signed by
Shechaniah, Rhodes. 6) A six page partnership agreement dated 1806
between William Carr, elder, and William Carr younger, both Surgeons
of Little Gomersal. A large attractive document. 7) An apprentice
indenture date 1815 for Hannah Barbar to be apprenticed to William
Carr, Surgeon of Gomersal. 8) Two handwritten agreements dated 1818
between William Carr of Little Gomersal and his son William Carr
Surgeon. 9) A handwriteen 12 page office copy date 1818 of the will
of Joshua Ingham with official stamps on each page. Surnames include
Schofield, Hirst, Marriott, Priestly, Jackson, Hepworth, Haigh,
Barker, Ledger, Homes, Fleetwood, and Linley. 10) A detailed
indenture dated 1821between Sarah Nussey of Gomersal, John Nussey of
White Lea and William Carr of Gomersal. It deals with various land
rights including rights to various coal seams. Other surnames
mentioned are Barker, Rhodes, and Naylor. 11) An apprentice
indenture of William Burnley of Dewbury son of Samuel Burnley, to
William Carr, Surgeon of Little Gomersal, 12) A small 32 page ledger
dated 1834 of William Carr, Surgeon listing individual by town with
amounts owed. Many names struck through went debt was settled. Also,
a business card of William Carr. 13) An attractive 3 page
handwritten document dated 1845 between George and James Blackburn,
Clothiers of Little Gomersal, which deals with purchase of rights to
recover coal from various lands. 14) A 3 page handwritten agreement
dated 1856 between William Carr, elder and William Carr, younger,
both Surgeons. Signed by both. 15) Inghams Estate Act dated 1856. A
50 page act of Parliament dealing with the estate of Joshua Ingham
of Yorkshire. Detailed document which begins with the will of
Benjamin Ingham ( died 1810), and contains detailed descriptions of
the distribution of his estate amongst his children and their
subsequent fate. As an appendix it has a 10 page list of tenants of
the lands of the Ingham family located in Kirkheaton, Mirfield,
Thornhill, and Almondry, Yorkshire. Tenant lists listed include:
Knowles, Green, Pickles, Brooke, Kilburn, Illingworth, Armitage,
Fearnly, Crawshaw, Rollinson, and many others. 16) Solicitor’s copy
dated 1863 of the will of William Carr of Gomersal. A Large and
attractive 7 page document being the last will and testament of
William Carr. 17) A large ornate certificate dated 1863 marking
William Carr’s entry into the Royal College of Surgeons. 18) Letters
of Administration dated 1866 for Hannah Whitaker wife of John
Whitaker of Morley. Very attractive document on waxed paper, with a
large ( approx 4 inch) drop down seal of Wakefied registry. 20) 19th
century handwritten copies of several wills bound in a small
booklet. Includes William Carr of Settle, 1777 which is headed
this is my father’s will.” Second, this a copy of the will of
William Carr, elder, Surgeon of Little Gomersal dated 1821. Loose in
the booklet is a handwritten copy of the will of Thomas Carr of
Yorkshire, dated 1824. 21) A wonderful collection of 110 letters
written by William Carr to his parents while he was studying at
Oxford. Most dated 1847-50. 22) Approx 70 further letters written to
or by members of the Carr family of Gomeral. Three of the letters
are 18th century, the earliest being 1761, with the bulk being from
the first half of the 19th century. Aprox 10 of the letters still
have the wax seals. Approx 20 are folded stampless. Four had #3
Penny Reds and one #33 plate 85. Most are local posts. Also,
includes bills for school, progress reports to parents, and more.
23) Other stuff includes a beautiful letter head that details
funeral expenses( I think William Carr’s mother in 1828), a receipt
for schooling dated 1797, and large architectural drawing, and more.
Even the detailed lawyer’s bills for preparing some of the documents

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